Wind Energy
As an engineering company we focus mainly on the development and optimization of wind turbines and its various components. Therefore we offer the complete scope of engineering services: construction and load simulation, layout of electrical and mechanical systems as well as analysis of all structural parts. Lifetime-monitoring systems and certification support complete our range of services.

As a high experienced engineering consultant we provide engineering solutions in a large variety of offshore applications: certification and consent support for German and international offshore projects, integrated load simulation for OWTs, primary and secondary steel design for foundation, substructure and support structure of OWTs and fixed offshore installations, monitoring systems including tailor-made evaluation software, due diligence, manufacturing support by experienced IWEs, design of machinery components like casted and forged steel components, bolted connections, bearings.

Research & Development
Due to our many years of experience and high innovative capacity we developed several software to offer advanced solutions for our customers. To ensure a competitive advantage and to shape the future with innovation we saved patents and play an active part in ongoing researches, especially in cooperation with universities and research institutes.

Special Engineering
To solve special problems in mechanical and structural engineering fields, our engineering specialists work out advanced load simulations (wind, wave and earthquake loads), special design of metal and concrete constructions, complex joints and large diameter bearings. The expert knowledge of our international welding engineers is available for special consulting.